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Alice sat in the back of the boat, with a serious expression on her pale face; it was cold in this boat. Even her wool coat didn't keep her warm here. Of course, it made no sense to blame the boat, as the mist and wind from the ocean contributed a great deal. Her arms were wrapped around her closest friend, a Vulpix called Jem. The small fox Pokémon's eyes scanned the area, as did Alice's. There was some brown haired boy with a Scyther. He looked excited for the new school they were just about to arrive at. Alice's eyes slowly shut, as she didn't get much sleep last night.

"We have now arrived at Oak Island!!!!" a man's voice confidently exclaimed over the intercom. Alice was startled awake again and she stood up, still carrying Jem. She got into line behind a girl with long red hair, who was accompanied by a Frosslass. She seemed happy. Too happy.

Alice turned and noticed a boy with tan skin. His partners were an Eevee and a Zorua. He seemed like the quiet and modest type. This guy obviously wasn't an overconfident airhead. Alice knew not to bother him, then. Maybe she would try to be his friend. The line continued forward, and Alice was handed a blue jacket for the Suicune dorm. The trainers here didn't look too shabby. Alice had to be able to make friends with at least one of them. "Vul!" Jem said happily. He liked traveling, and he was looking forward to meeting all the Pokémon and students here.

Alice hoped this academy would help her get better battling skills, and maybe, if she lucked out, there would be a class for Pokémon behavior. Pokémon are very mysterious, especially in the ways they think. Alice looked at Jem, wondering what he was thinking as he watched everyone shuffling around and getting things in order. Jem turned and abruptly licked Alice's face. She flinched, not expecting that sudden gesture.

"Aw c'mon, do you want me to smell like fox breath?" Alice laughed. She was eager to get her classes and begin the new school year. She really hoped she wouldn't have problems with any of the students, or she might be kicked from here, too. The only possible good thing about that was seeing her little sister, Erica, again. Although, Alice's parents were pretty stuck on the idea of sending her to bootcamp. The mere thought annoyed her. Alice saw several teachers, some who were former gym leaders, some even former Elite Four members. One in particular caught her eye. A chubby guy with a white mustache and white clothes. He was pretty humorous looking.
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