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"Ah, a fresh start." Nathan said in a sighing manner. With his jacket hung from his arm and the chance of him wearing it slim he looked around again to glance back at the trainers still getting of the boat. "Humph, they're late." he said rudely. Of course, no one could hear him. "Now look at her," he muttered " She looks peculiar, quite untidy but they'res something to her, someting more than meets the eye." Nathan's sense of curiosity kicked in and he really wondered who that trainer was. She had a messy looking outift, like she had almost rushed to put it on and Nathan could've sworm he saw a stain on her sleeve, but he couldn't be too sure. "Now back to buisness he thought, I need to withdraw a pokemon, the boat wouldn't alow me to carry 4."

Nathan started to walk towards a nearby rock, attracted to it's largeness he leant against it firmly like a tree. His head moves from left to right with his hands in his pockets, observing all the trainers who passed by, of course, it's in his nature. He reached inside his suit, to fetch his pokedex, along with a bump on his finger which seemed to be a peck. "Piplup.." he groaned. "You must be hungry, some Pokemon Food is in there somewhere, go find it I'm sure you will." As soon as Nathan mentioned Pokemon food, turtwig and chimchar flew out of their pokeballs as quick as a furret on fire! "Calm down guys!" Nathan said firmly. "You can all have some." Oncew that problemw as resoved, his pokemon all happily eating on the rock behind him, he continued to do what he wanted to do. He waved his pokedex in the air.. "Come on, come on." he encouraged it, "Gimme a signal." Ding It connected.
"Perfect." Nathan said smugly. He dialed his mother 65438879.

"Um Hello? Who may this be?" his mother greeted.
"It's me mum."
"Oh Nathan hows things? Have you arrived yet?"
"Yes, indeed I have; hows things?"
"Good, good, soo do you need anything?"
Yes actually, I was wondering if you could send me my gibe, when I get in which will hopefully be soon."
"Of course my darling. your gible has been doing really well, it's astonishing."
"Really!? Thanks. What are it's moves?"
"If I can recall they are:
- Dragon rage
- Sandstorm
- Double Team
- Dragonbreath.
- Stealth Rock
- Slash."
"Woah, that's great. Thanks.
"No worries."
"Anyway mum, I have to go, I think I might battle a trainer, but I don't know which one.."
"Well good luck sweetie and take care."
"Okay mum, bye.

Nathan hung up the phone.

"Hmm," he thought, "Who shall I challenge?"
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