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-Light Screen < Your team is already Physically defensive
-Magical Leaf / Energy Ball < Energy Ball post-game
-Leech Seed / Toxic < Toxic post-game, Leech Seed still viable

-Hidden Power [GRS]
-Morning Sun
-Flare Blitz
(what level should i evolve growlith?)

-Swords Dance
-Night Slash

-Spikes / Toxic Spikes < Toxic Spikes if Meganium runs Leech Seed
-Rapid Spin < You don't need Rapid Spin in-game
-Gyro Ball
-Earthquake or Explosion

You'll find that Forretress is very underwhelming in-game. It doesn't really... Do anything.

5. Heracross
-Close Combat
-Night Slash
-Brick Break / Stone Edge < Stone Edge post-game

6. Starmie
-Ice Beam

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