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Originally Posted by Spanner226 View Post
Nickname: N/A
Age: 20
Occupation: Trainer(No rivals at the moment)
Hometown: Ecruteak
Home Region: Johto
Appearance: (a few descriptive words with a picture, or a paragraph without a picture.)
-Height: (in feet)
-Hair: (length, color, style)
- Eye color:
-Skin tone: (Pale, Light, Medium, Olive, Tan, Dark, Very Dark.)
-Clothing Style: (a few descriptive words here, like wears dark colors often, and so on.)
-Other: (any other things that don’t seem to fit anywhere else? Body shape?)



Nickname: Kasugami(Japanese for "The Faint God")
Gender: Male
Type: Ghost/Poison
Nature: Naughty
Moveset: Shadow Ball; Toxic; Hypnosis; Dream Eater; Sludge Bomb


Nickname: Nuregami(Japanese for "Aqueous God")
Gender: Female
Type: Water/Ice
Nature: Relaxed
Moveset: Rain Dance; Hail; Confuse Ray; Blizzard; Thunder


Nickname: Kabegami(Japanese for "Wall God", though Espeon does not know any wall-related moves)
Gender: Female
Type: Psychic
Nature: Modest
Moveset: Shadow Ball; Morning Sun; Psychic; Baton Pass; Calm Mind


Nickname: Orochi(Self-explanatory. Mythological figure Yamato no Orochi and this pokemon both have more than one head.)
Gender: Male
Type: Dark/Dragon
Nature: Bold
Moveset: Crunch; Dragon Pulse; Flamethrower; Dark Pulse; Hyper Voice


Nickname: Yomigami(Japanese for "God of Reincarnation", since it knows Recover)
Gender: None
Type: Normal
Nature: Bold
Moveset: Recover; Lock-On; Zap Cannon; Ice Beam; Hyper Beam

6. Metagross

Nickname: Kyokugami(No idea what this means, but it probably has to do with Japanese Gods and magnetism.)
Gender: None
Type: Steel/Psychic
Nature: Adamant
Moveset: Magnet Rise; Earthquake; Meteor Mash; Zen Headbutt; Hone Claws

7. Archeops

Nickname: Kazegami(Japanese for "Wind God"; it's a flying type. Need I say more?)
Gender: Male
Type: Rock/Flying
Nature: Jolly
Moveset: Acrobatics; Head Smash; Stone Edge; Earthquake; Dragon Claw


Nickname: Tachigami(Japanese for "God of Rending", since for some pokemon, outrage would mean rending obstacles in its path, I figured.)
Gender: Female
Type: Dragon/Ground
Nature: Serious
Moveset: Sandstorm; Double Team; Swords Dance; Earthquake: Outrage

Simply posting roughly half of my SU, mainly due to my very common cases of writer's block(I have trouble coming up with names and the history of my characters).

As of now, I have all of my pokemon in my team...............All of the nicknames have been derived from Asian mythology(mainly the Chinese/Vietnamese Zodiac and some Japanese mythology).

The actual character SU form should be up as soon as possible.....hopefully by 11:00 P.M. tomorrow.
Yay! im happy you want to be a part!
oh i see your character is also from Ecruteak, as mine is.

*please remove the levels from your SU's, since the rules about leveling has changed awhile ago*
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