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Cool...I'm an Admin! :] I will be loyal no matter what....unless the thread goes dead(in which I will prevent at all costs of course). I only played Sapphire once(it was my aunt's game, so I borrowed it), and especially Emerald, and know that...i really don't remember well...I think that team aqua is involved in sapphire and team magma in ruby, or so I believe from playing only sapphire. I couldn't get my hands on ruby, and emerald is enough for me.

As for the Team's pokemon, I'm not ready to debate yet, but is it okay if I gather 4 pokemon from each region(besides Hoenn, we already have Hoenn), since 2 are for aqua and 2 for magma, which then equals 8 new pokemon for each Team? Or do you both prefer 2 from each region(1 for each team) so that it only equals 4 new pokemon for each Team so that we have less to choose from?