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More updates.

Game 1, Update 26:


No, I don't want to build one yet!

I don't think I have any Crossbowmen.

Chances are this will pass, but I don't care either way.

This looks like a nice place to put a city.

And with this completed, we're starting to see a slow return to profitability.

So time to build more Archers!

Now I can spread my newest religion around.

If you couldn't tell, I'm spamming Archers.

Smolensk is getting up there in size, so I need to keep them happy. And that production bonus doesn't hurt, either.

End Update 26. 38 turns left to catch up.

Game 1, Update 27:


Called it.

Oh, by the way, I'm building more cities.

Say Hello to Orenburg.

We'll build a Theatre here, I guess.

Actually, make that a Lighthouse.

So now I can build Longbowmen.

I'm honestly not sure if I opted to adopt that or not.

End Update 27. 37 turns left to catch up.

Game 1, Update 28:

Just a quick look at my Civics.

And we'll go for Philosophy this time.

End Update 28. 37 turns left to catch up.
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