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Just here to say that a well-played Latios will give you a big headache. Thanks to rain, Surf now OHKOs Scizor and Genesect after SR even without any boosting items. Draco Meteor will 2HKO both your steel types(Mamoswine can only attempt revenge kill) as well. You'll be forced to play very smartly, since Latias can only speed tie with it and Toxicroak cannot switch into anything bar Surf. Of course you'll be able to deal with it with your entire party, but Latios is never alone. Latios will indeed tear this team apart in the right hands. Anyway, it alleviate this a little bit, make Scizor even more bulky. Something like 252HP / 56 Atk / 200 SpD will do. Next, I'd like to see Volt Switch over Pain Split. You don't want to give Latios a free switch on a resisted attack. Whenever I use Specs Rotom-W I just tend spam Volt Switch, this is especially good when the [email protected] come in to absorb a hit, then you can got straight to Scizor. This also works when Ferrothorn wants to switch in Rotom-W, then you go to Toxicroak for a free Sub. Great synergy and gives you great momentum against face pace teams.

Genesect is a DW Pokemon and there's no way to legally obtain on in-game. That's what the guys meant.

Thundurus is a problem threat not only to this team but to most rain teams in general. Something that can be done to help is to Scarf Genesect. Since I've never actually played DW (I think it's stupid) I don't know how well it would work, but it's popular enough for me to at least recommend it. Otherwise, if you're really using Mamoswine, I'd just use an LO version so it can help check Latios as well. It can also set Rocks and beat a bunch of stuff. If you want to use Scarf though, I won't stop you. Anyway, I don't wanna change your team too much so I'll just end it here.

Edit: This is mostly trivial, but you should change Black Sludge for Leftovers on Toxicroak. Better safe than sorry!