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I just did the Ditto Glitch to battle Professor Oak.
It all went good, except when I battled Oak. He didn't have any glitched Pokemon nor the high level Pokemon bulbapedia said he would have. Infact, he had only two Pokemon. He has a Level 29 Electrode and a Level 29 Weezing.
I didn't appear to do anything wrong. I started the glitch at the same place method 1 of the Mew Glitch is done (Route 8), but when I flew back, I flew into Saffron City. When I went back to Route 8, I didn't make it passed the checkpoint. I stopped at the door when the menu popped up. Was I suppose to fly into Lavender Town?

Edit: I did it two times more. I did it the Prof. Oak way again going through Lavender Town, and he had the same two Pokemon. I then did it again running into Bruno, and he had Blaine's Pokemon. Growlithe, Ponyta, Arcanine, and Rapidash. I can't explain it.