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Why haven't I posted in this yet.

Out of the 'Dex Holders:

1. Ruby
When I first read Ruby's and Sapphire's descriptions on Serebii, I loved Sapph and hated Ruby. When I read the RS arc, that reversed. Ruby has been one of my favorites since, and I love him because of his personality and I love his Pokemon. I also love pretty much any fanart of him, even if it's Frantic.

2. Gold
Let me be honest: I hated Gold when I first read the GSC arc. I found him obnoxious and not that great a character. Then I read the Emerald arc. Gold was still kind of obnoxious (OK, maybe kind of is an understatement, but he wasn't as obnoxious as I found him in the GSC arc), but he cracked me up. I now really like him a lot, and I think his personality's awesome.

3. Pearl and Black the DPPt rival. I really do. Pearl is the first rival in the manga to be named something other than his default name (Jun/Barry, take your pick). I'm also more fond of the tsukkomi (the straight man; typically short-tempered) than the boke (the simpleton; see: Dia), but maybe that's my inner sadist speaking. Pearl's also got a really great personality, and it isn't completely based off that of Jun's/Barry's.

As for Black, I know he's like your typical shounen hero, but I loved him from the moment he was introduced. Maybe it was because he took on a general stereotype as opposed to the other "main" 'Dex Holders of their arcs (Red was rather carefree, Yellow was timid, Gold was a jerk, Ruby was a priss, Emerald was quirky, and Dia was a glutton). I honestly am not too keen on how he has a freaking Braviary AND Galvantula so early in the series, but eh.

Out of the Side Characters:

1. Courtney/Marge
You can't deny that she wasn't an awesome Magma Grunt. In fact, she's what made me love Team Magma more than I did before. Her attitude, her secret, her overall personality... I just really love her.

2. Wally
RSE had Wally as a sickly boy, but if you ask me, he didn't really seem all that sickly. However, the manga did a good job portraying his personality, and he was really wickedly awesome near the end.

3. Norman and Professor Oak
Both were so much more badass than their game counterparts. Norman might have been a jerk to Ruby, but he really cared about his well-being despite appearances. And Oak evolved (pun intended) from an old guy who sent kids on a journey to an old guy who kicks butt in battles and whatnot.