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Originally Posted by Hacki101 View Post
I would like to help, but what i was going to do has already been done (Listing exp for each trainer). A note to say if each trainer is skippable would also be useful and at what consequence (eg some bug trainers in VForest you go through extra grass).

How about calculations on how much exp you need before certain trainers (Nugget bridge rival comes to mind and Brock) where you have a 95% chance of winning, thus maximising speed and lowering the likelyness of blacking out. Of course the luck percentile could be changed according to how much time we need to shave off/ how many people we have trying/ the patience of people playing/ how often we want to risk losing.
Thing is, though, I think we're going to be doing different Pokemon, so you'd have to do this like 3-4 times.
On the map we could mark out the quickest line through kanto, tile by tile if this already hasnt been done, skipping the unneeded trainers as necessary.
Hasn't been done, but that's because in some cases it might be better to fight the trainers that you don't have to fight, as that's our most reliable place for exp. I think we need to get through the game, and then after we figure that out, then go back and do this.
I would be interested in doing the above experiments

Also, myrrh, how far have you got through planning and that because I know you have been working on this for a while.
Not far at all. I'm very good at getting distracted. Right now, the only written documentation of what I've done is the map, boss stats list, and the bit about Nidoran that I've posted. There's a bunch more stored in my head though. Just no easy way of writing it all out.
I have spare cartridges as well for whenever we need them but no camera on the GBA (I would be able to play on an emulator to record but I wuld want it on the cartridge too)

EDIT: On the website linked above the guy who does Crystal doesn't evolve Totodile until Level 20 as it gets Bite in time for whatever he needs it for (I havn't watched it, only read it) Would we consider doing this... examples: Bulba learns Razor Leaf at 20, Ivy 22; Charmeleon learns Flamethrower at 42, Charizard at 46 but no Wing Att.
If we think that using Bulbasaur and waiting til he learns Vine Whip to fight Brock is a good idea, then we very well might wait til 20 to evolve. IIRC, when I usually do like a Monotype with Bulbasaur or something, I seem to usually evolve on one of the first trainers you fight after Brock. I'm sure that the rest of the trainers will probably get him 4 more levels (and we'd have a rare candy to possibly use if we needed it). That might be worth it. As for Charmeleon, I'm not sure that waiting 6 levels for a move as opposed to using Charizard for 10 levels is a good idea.
Is switching to Snorlax/ Legend bird halfway through going to be a quicker option?
I don't know about Snorlax, Articuno takes a while to get to, but could potentially be worth it. Moltres is right there in VR, but has crappy moves, and Zapdos is a bit off, but has good moves. Take yoru pick.
And finally, good luck!! (I will watching/helping with interest)
Originally Posted by Alternative View Post
What I think I could do to help is make paths of some of the routes to skip whatever trainers you think need skipping. I could mark all the trainers that stand still, which are impossible to avoid and those which look at you no matter which direction you take.
If you look at my map, at the beginning, I had color coded the trainers to ones you had to battle and ones you didn't. I stopped doing that like east of Cerulean, because it was just too much work. You could do that, I guess.
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