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For so long Gold was my favorite character - No kidding, he still is now.
Being a digimon fan right before I started reading PokeSpec didn't help when I saw he had a pair of goggles on his head. I don't know why but I guessed I liked him because he was a lot my personality - Choosing Cyndaquil as a starter, skateboarding, playing billiards.
Also the fact that my first game on the game boy was Crystal I enjoyed his storyline so much in PokeSpec. Haha ever since I started reading that arc I would call my pokemon "Ataro", "Explotaro" etc

I guess ever since B/W (Haven't read much of it yet though) I've also started to like Black. I just love hist outgoing hot-blooded personality although I have to say I was sorta disappointed when he had a Tepig instead of a Oshawott. Haven't built up enough to say he's my favorite character... but he's getting there

Rival-wise my favorite character is Green. I would say a tie with Pearl but I haven't read much of the D/P/PL arc... I mostly read the unrelated Pokemon Adventures with Hareta and Jun.
Mainly because of rivalry between Red but also because of how his progression of maturity throughout the whole of PokeSpec
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