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Originally Posted by Cassino View Post
Have you tried running it on the lowest graphics settings? That should be the most obvious course of action if you're having video problems.

More specifically, though I'm best-guessing;
Try turning the option that goes "none, bloom, HDR" to none.
If there's an option for choosing the pixel shader, set that to 1.0 (might have to be done via the in-game console if anywhere).
Turn shadows off.
Turn reflections off (both windows and water).

Also, try looking around on forums for people who were/are having the same problem as you. Given the age of the game it's likely the issue has been discussed and resolved someplace.

If you haven't already then I recommend getting this, the 'Unofficial Oblivion Patch' as an aside. Don't expect it'll fix the problem you're having, but it stops a lot of quests becoming broken and suchlike occurances. Things Bethesda should've fixed themselves but never did.
tried most of those, not working either and its not the quests tht r broken, its the water thts broken

and HOW do i manage 2 put it on 1.0?
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