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Originally Posted by lucario giavlés View Post
tried most of those, not working either -_- and its not the quests tht r broken, its the water thts broken?
Just said as an aside, not so much to do with your problem, but a general recommendation which could on the off chance make the problem go away. Doubt that, but thought I'd mention it.

Originally Posted by lucario giavlés View Post
and HOW do i manage 2 put it on 1.0?
Looking about I'm not sure one can, but to open the console press the key to the left of 1, could be `, could be ~, or something else, depends on your keyboard. That opens the console.
Type bAllow30Shaders=0
That doesn't set the shader model to 1.0, I'm not sure if anything really does, it just disallows 3.0 (Oblivion normally runs on 2.0, apparently), and it should be set to 0 by default anyway.

Failing everything else, if you've got a kind of computer you can open the case and change parts of, you could simply upgrade the video card without buying a whole new system.

Sorry I'm not much of a help but I thought better than to say nothing.
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