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Ever felt like throwing a twist into battles? Especially tournament battles? This is the right one to join then. This tournament is specifically for each generation pokemon. So you won't see a Tyranitar and Dragonite, in every team, nor see Electvire, and Snorlax.

The Toruny is going to be held with a Point System instead of Single Elimination.
This will give people a more enjoyable time. And allow show who came out on top. for those who don't know, an example will be posted below.

ex. Participants XXXX, YYYY, and ZZZZ.
To start XXXX vs YYYY (three times as stated in the rules)
XXXX won 2/3 times, thus giving him 2 points. and YYYY will only have 1 point.

Now ZZZZ vs YYYY (again 3 battles)
YYYY won 3/3 Battles giving him 3 more points. With a grand total of 4 points.

ZZZZ vs XXXX (3 battles)
ZZZZ swept XXXX unprepared team 3 times, giving ZZZZ 3 pints.

Final Scores

So YYYY won for that week.

Points will role over to the next week. so everybody will start off with the points they previously had. Negitive points will not go into effect. Leaving everybody with a little dignity.

Each week will have a Different Generation you can battle from.

Week 1- Pokedex Numbers 1-151
Dates July 4 - July 8

Week 2- Pokedex Numbers 152-251
Dates July 11 - July 15

Week 3- Pokedex Numbers 252-386
Dates July 18 - July 22

Week 4- Pokedex Numbers 386-493
Dates July 25 - July 29

Week 5- Pokedex Numbers 494-649
Dates August 1- August 5


- Ubers are forbidden
- NU-OU may be used up to you
- Wins are best 2 out of three 3 so the max you have to battle one person will be 3 times.
- Registration for the event will be started as soon as this gets posted.
- Disconnections are up to the participants, whether or not it was a win, loss, or rematch.

How to register

Post your name and Friend code, either 4th gen or 5th gen please tell which you are battling off of. So we can allow for everybody to play.

If you have both generations you may choose the one you want to battle on or both. all the way up till the Fifth generation battles.
Please post what games you are going to be playing from one or the other or both. So I can keep track of whos doing what please and thank you. with that being said, please post once the battles start who won and lost please.

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