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"Ok, ok!" Ace quickly sits down. "Ehh... I hope that this lesson won't be very boring, right Ice?" He asked. Ice nodded.

"Class, Welcome to Battle Tactician! I'm Mr Greenwich, and I guess we'll be stuck together for quite awhile eh?" He said with a chuckle. "I normally don't suggest writing notes but since we won't be able to get into hands on action until later. It's the best you can do for now.

"I'm sure many of you know the basics of battling but a refresher never hurt anyone. Remember, Battles aren't about having the strongest moves availible. Even if your pokemon are armed with something like ice beam, even a Pokemon with tackle could change everything. It's all about how you and your pokemon use that move. It's about being smart when using it." Eugene paused for a moment to make sure everyone was writing down what they needed to write down.

"Keep a close eye on your pokemon. They're like your friends. If you notice them getting tired in the heat of a battle then call them back. Pushing them more dosen't make you look like a better trainer and we teachers look down on this behavior." Mr Greenwich said.

"I'm sure your all sick of hearing me babble on so why don't we start off by having a few battles? See what your pokemon can do and see how they can use their moves effectively?" Eugene asked the rest of the class.

"Find yourself a partner and we'll all meet up outside"

"A partner? Lets see...I can ask....Wallace, Dimitri and Mark.." Ace said. "Hmm, who wants to be my partner?" He asked.
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