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Mark joked as he took off his dorm jacket as well. Alice ignored the joke, even though she normally liked them. Mark sent over Commodore. Of course. He commanded Commodore to use Tackle.

"You can dodge that, c'mon!" Alice called out. Jem leaped out of the way and turned to him. "Quick Attack!" Jem charged to the Porygon and leaped up at a fast speed, directly in the path to knock him to the ground. "And use reinforcements just in case," Alice said. Jem blew blue flames toward Commodore. Should the Quick Attack miss, he had the possibility of being burned. If Quick Attack hit, the Will-o-wisp should have done its job as well.

Alice learned from battling other opponents that combining moves was sometimes essential to a good strategy. That, and tricking the opponent into thinking they know what you're up to. It all depended on how smart, or how stupid they were.
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