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Quote originally posted by Mouse_Runner:
As I think I said in a previous post... I really do like this hack, it is one of the best that I have played. I just have one small problem. I'm stuck in the bedroom/house of the player (after the meeting of Poochyena in the woods and the mysterious person) and I can't get past that bit. Is it the ROM I'm using? I'm using Ruby USA as far as I'm aware. If it isn't the ROM, what am I doing or not doing? Have I some how missed something even though I follow the storyline (to that point) to the best of my ability.

If anyone can help, well... please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

- Mouse Runner

That is the end of the beta, i know it's short, but >Dante<
is currently working on beta 3 and im guessing that it will be much longer.

Quote originally posted by Master123:
this hack would be amaazing to play IF IT ACTUALLY WORKED ON MY VBA AND GPSP EMULATORS!!
i have a gpSP emulator for my PSP and a visual boy advance emulator but crono won't work on it for me! could any of you help me please? id rly appreciate it!

Patch it to a US version ruby rom and you should have no problems. works fine on my VBA and my Gameboid Emualtor for android.

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