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Xavier's expression on the outside, you may wonder? Completely dull and emotionless. Xaviers expression on the inside however, was completely wide eyed. Ryuu being a complete retard like usual wasn't the surprising things. It was the facts that first off, this woman randomly comes out of literally nowhere, Bern basically ordered everyone to kill technology or they'd be dead themselves, she did an acrobatic style attack against the idiot, and also, that she was dead! She, was in fact, dead. How exactly was it fair for her to be in the games then, if she was dead? Bernkastel basically held an overwhelming advantage over him and the others by being dead. How did she die anyway?! She sure as hell didn't die in the 'poppy' games! That's for sure! These thoughts continued to race through Xavier's mind, who was now frozen in place from the sudden action going on inside the helicopter.

Instantaneously, almost an instant before her wavering eyes could see in his direction, he slowly went to the floor, searching for any bit of technology he could find. It made him irritated at the fact he was being ordered around like a dog. But hey, he should at least stay alive until the population games at least....Then he could be finally over with this horrible immortality....
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