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Actually I have, and being a memeber of many forums I have seen such groups before. As a matter of fact that brings me to my second topic: What would happen if Team Magma or Aqua gained control over Raquaza? What would they use it to do? Would it be a good idea for future schemes?

I believe that if there was such a Team in existance the three of them would be like a trinity of sorts. One team who is aiming to expand the landmass, another team aiming to expand the sea and another team aiming for something involving the sky. They would almost cancel each other out and stabilize, much like a three-weighted scale. They could each govern the elements. Team Magma would control fire and earth, Team Aqua would control water and sea, and the "sky" team would control wind and atmosphere. Like the three regis. Wow... this is already beginning to sound like a good idea.