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Commodore was successfully put to sleep. However, there was a problem. Jem's attack moves were either normal type, fire type, or grass. Because the Porygon was now a fire type, Jem's stronger moves wouldn't hit as hard as Alice would like. Oh well, the risk had to be taken. "Jem, move in and use Flare Blitz!" Alice commanded. She looked up at the sun. Nah, I don't want to use up an extra turn just yet. Some Wingull freely flew above, squawking happily. These Pokémon were lucky, without a care in the world. Alice looked back to Jem, not wanting to get too distracted by other things that had nothing to do with the task at hand.

"Vulpix!" Jem cried, his eyes turning a demonic bright red color. His body engulfed in flames and he charged toward Commodore at full speed. The thing about this move was that it also gave Jem one-third recoil damage. It was definitely not desirable, but again, risks had to be taken. This Porygon was sure a tough fighter. So was Jem.
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