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((OOC: @Makbets: I'm think Renege was referring to his Pokémon, bahaha.))

"Alright Commodore. Let's change things up a bit. Charge beam!" Mark called out. Alice smiled. She already had to a tactic to throw that beam way off.

"Alright Jem, counter that with Energy Ball at full power!" Alice exclaimed. Jem carefully got to his feet.

"Vulpiix!" he screeched, releasing a large green ball of energy at the beam. The ball pushed the beam back a little, resisting its electrical power. Energy Ball had high power, so there was a chance this would work. Jem was starting to weaken, but Alice had to believe in him. If she didn't believe in her own Pokémon, who would? Too bad Energy Ball wouldn't directly hit Commodore, as it had a chance of lowering its Special Defense.
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