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Xavier was still grumbling inside his head, when he heard Bernkastel's voice beside him. "...Xavier. What are you doing...?" Bernkastel abruptly took his arm, and dragged him all the way back into his seat. For once, Xavier's surprise showed clearly on his face. Mouth gaping, hair out of his wide eyes, and the brown set scanning her body rapidly. He remembered what had happened on the train....But for some odd reason, he hadn't expected that. "I didn't mean you."

He shook his head lightly once she was out of view, couldn't let anybody see more of his emotionfull face. It might have them think he was uncapable or something....But who would be frightened of him anyway? All he was being was an emotionless teenager. It wasn't like Bernkastel. She was one to be scared of because she had actually won these games. Twice. Twice! And she didn't even escape to the safety of the victor's district. Xavier however, would've gladly taken the opportunity to go there. Although, he would've just gone there to not have to deal with people anymore, not to run away from the games. Hm, interesting.

Xavier turned his his head towards Ryuu's direction, cautiously taking a small look at the 'corpse'. Yeah...There was no way that the demon dubbed Mammon could possibly be dead. I mean really? Who in the right mind would've thought that Ryuu would just kill a demon that fast? Her skin wasn't pale enough to be from blood loss, and she didn't even give off that she was earth-born. Well, seems like everyone else was convinced.....Idiots....Even Bernkastel sounded as if she was being sarcastic, which she didn't really give out that tone, but when you've spoken blank your whole life....It's like a whole other language that only you, and other emotionless people can understand. It's sort of odd, really. "......Well Ryuu, it seems as if your ego got a fair amount of feeding today, hm.....? God, you're an idiot......." Xavier let out a small sigh, turning to glance at the ones on the floor, then to Paris, then back to Ryuu.
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