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I have a crazy challenge idea for anyone who likes Bleach ('cause I just love it so much):

Bleach Gotei 13 Challenge:

Alright, here's how this works. Your team will consist of 6 Pokemon based off of any 6 of the 13 Captains of the Gotei 13. The Pokemon's gender MUST match that of the captain it's based off of. All the basic rules, such as no legendaries, apply. To get the most out of this, I suggest you make your Pokemon as close as you can to the captain it's based off of.

1. Yamamoto - Must be a Fire type, of course. Also has to be fully evolved as soon as possible, because he's really freaking OLD. For example, something that evolves by stone must be evolved as soon as you get the stone.
2. Sui-Feng - Must be from the Weedle or Combee line.
3. Gin - Must be either: a fox Pokemon (just the Vulpix and Zorua lines as far as I know; 'cause he's called fox-face); or from the Lickitung line (long, retractable tongue, similar to Shinso's ability; if anyone can think of anything else that might fit this, let me know).
4. Unohana - Must be either: Mantine line; or a healer Pokemon (like the Chansey line or Audino). Must be fully evolved as soon as possible, because she's also one of the veteran captains.
5. Aizen - Must be either: Zorua line (the illusion Pokemon); or any Pokemon that can learn Hypnosis (in that case the Pokemon must learn Hypnosis ASAP and keep it).
6. Byakuya - Must be any Pokemon that can learn either Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf, Petal Dance, or Leaf Storm. And again, it must learn one of these moves ASAP and keep it.
7. Komamura - Must be either: Golurk line (big, bulky, and humanoid, like his bankai); Samurott line (his bankai is a samurai); or a dog Pokemon (Mightyena, Stoutland, Arcanine, etc; because Komamura is an anthropomorphic wolf or something).
8. Shunsui - Must be any Pokemon that has two blades (like Gallade, Bisharp, or Samurott). Must be fully evolved as soon as possible, because he's really old, too.
9. Tousen - Must be either: Zubat or Woobat line (because they're blind); Kricketot line (Suzumushi means "cricket"); or Whismur line (his Zanpakuto is sound-based).
10. Histugaya - Must be an Ice type, unless it's a Dragon, in which case, it must learn at least one Ice move ASAP and keep it. Also has to be NFE (unless it doesn't evolve), because Hitsu is the youngest of the captains.
11. Kenpachi - Must be anything that has Attack as its highest base stat. When using damaging moves, they must be Physical.
12. Mayuri - Must be either: a Poison type; or a man-made Pokemon (the ones in the Human Influence challenge), but the man-made Pokemon must learn a Poison move or a move that causes paralysis ASAP and keep it.
13. Ukitake - Same as Shunsui.

Here's an example of a team for Fire Red:
Gin - Male Ninetales
Aizen - Male Hypno that knows Hypnosis
Byakuya - Male Vileplume that knows Petal Dance
Mayuri - Male Weezing
Kenpachi - Male Gyarados
Hitsugaya - Male Dragonair that knows Blizzard

If enough people like this, I might make one for the 10 Espada.

Red: Completed
Silver: 4 badges