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PokéSpe: I like them all really, although I don't like Crystal and Platinum as much. Don't get me wrong, I like them, just something about them irritates me. Particularly Crystal. Honestly, when she got all upset and couldn't capture, I didn't even blink. Whereas when Red lost his will to battle, or Sapphire started wearing leaves again...that was emotional.

Overall though, my favourite character is Ruby. I like how he's kinda flawed, being incredibly vain, and a bit of a prick to Sapphire, for example pretending to forget all that stuff he said to her (I'd be extremely shocked if he honestly did forget). I also like most of his team. Swampert, Mightyena, Kirlia (here's hoping for a Gallade! Although Gardevoir would suit him more), Milotic are all brilliant. Minun is cool, particularly as you get one in Pokémon Ranger. Delcatty and Castform are cool too. I know I'm forgetting one...oh wait, he had Celebi! I love how Celebi chose to go with him, presumably having seen the future, when it could've just as easily gone with Sapphire. The fact that he's a boy, yet good at contests is nice, and his incredible battling skill is another bonus. Despite losing to Emerald (and not winning in the other tournament), I honestly reckon he could defeat Red or Green if his pokémon were at similar levels.

Gold's probably my second-favourite, tied with Red (who has more pokémon I like - I don't like Sunflora).
So...yeah, Ruby ftw! xD