Thread: Emerald hack: Pokemon Emerald-Artificial Genesis
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Originally Posted by Kaleem08 View Post
it still has the same errors to me and that aps patcher with the xse doesnt work for me so i had to make the aps patch and rom the same name. I recommend using lunar ips its a lot easier to patch and a lot less stressful
Crap. I appreciate you telling me about this. And are you certain that you expanded the ROM before applying the patch? This particular hack requires you to perform those steps in the order specified for it to work. The problem is caused by the ROM not having enough space for the patcher to edit. If it somehow still doesn't work at this point, then I really will have to switch to Lunar IPS. Ugh...I really wish the direct distribution of outdated ROMs could be legalized, but I guess it can't be helped.