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Snivy hit the ground, and didn't get up. Bri ran over to her to discover that she had fainted. Without a word, he pulled a potion out of his pocket. He had brought it before he left. It had taken all of the money that he had on him, but now he was glad he had. He sprayed Snivy's injuries with it. Then he gently picked her up.

"Thanks! I don't really like battling, to tell you the truth. But I had fun with this one. Ellie's really strong!" Bri said with a smile. That was when Snivy came around enough to talk. She rolled over in Brians arms to look at Ellie.

"Well, you won. You've proven that you're stronger than me. Want a medal? I still don't quite see the point. But this is obviously important to you. So... truce? I'll try to be nicer to you, if you stop being such a brat to me, ok?" Snivy asked, her voice was calm, and gentle. With just a touch of pain and humiliation.

"Anyway, I'm going to take Snivy back to my room in the dorm to rest a while. I'll see you later, ok?" Bri said. He had learned a lot from this battle. If he could do more like this, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

"Oh, yeah. Before I forget, I wanted to say sorry. Some of what I said was really mean. Not that it matters, it never does. But yeah, I'm sorry," Snivy said. Bri gave her a strange look. She had only ever apologised to him before. Granted, Ellie did deserve an apology, but Snivy had never just come right out with it. Oh well, maybe she had decided to change. Bri knew she would learn something from this. He just wished there had been another way to teach her to watch what she said.
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