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((OOC: Wow, you guys took off o.O hah xD ))

Alice looked around the cafeteria as even more students came in. A girl with hair similar to her own, but way longer. Her skin was tanned and she had brown eyes. Alice watched her before shifting her focus to a guy with dark brown hair and a black shirt. He looked familiar, but Alice couldn't be bothered to try and remember where she last saw him. There were so many late students today. This isn't what Alice would usually expect at an academy like this. Jem looked at Commodore as he explained how he was envious of natural birth.

"I'm… I'm sorry dude," Jem said in condolence. Skye's Eevee argued with Bri's Snivy. So much happened all at once, Alice was starting to get a headache. She got up from the table and stood in the middle of the cafeteria. She turned toward the table where everybody else was. The newer kids who just came in caught Alice's eye again. She studied both of them. "Return," she said, returning Savannah and Bean to their pokéballs. Jem ran over and leapt onto Alice's shoulder.

"See ya, Mark," she said as she walked outside. Despite all the people here, Alice was starting to feel even lonelier. Something about the fact that these were all strangers from different places, and not her close family and friends, made it less pleasant. True, she wanted to meet people, but… it gave her a weird feeling she didn't understand. She was tempted to battle everyone, but she also wanted to defeat them all. All these people, were they friends or foes? It was hard when everyone here was so different. At the last school, they were all smug and easy to figure out. Not here. Alice looked at the battlefield and noticed that Ellie and the Snivy were battling it out. Lucky Skye, I wanted to battle the new kid, she thought, even though everybody at the school was technically new. The Snivy collapsed to the ground and fainted after receiving a hard Tackle from Ellie. Alice smiled somewhat, knowing that the little Eevee she met earlier was very spunky and a tough fighter.

"Vuuuulpix!" Jem howled. Alice looked down at the ground. "I feel different," she said to Jem. He looked at her and frowned. "Vulpix!" he exclaimed. Alice's train of thought shifted. When was she supposed to get to her next class? And more importantly… what was her next class? "Off, Jem," she said to him. Jem leaped off and they both ran as fast as they could. Alice was reminded of when she lived in Saffron. Her and the neighborhood children always had races, and Alice always beat them. It frustrated the other kids until nobody ever wanted to race her. Alice and Jem ran and ran until they made it to the Suicune Dorm building. Alice quickly sprinted to the door and opened it.

A woman nearby flinched. "Oh! Careful!" she exclaimed. Alice ignored her and continued running until she made it to her door. She reached into her pocket to retrieve her key, then held it up to the lock on the door. As she pushed the key in, her hand trembled. Carefully, she turned it and opened the door. She slammed in behind her and leaned against it. Alice sighed and slid her back along the door until she was sitting on the floor.
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