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The best way to take down SmashPass to to make it so that the first pass fails. Then it's just an easy -1 defense for something like CB Scizor to pick off with Quick Attack or Bullet Punch. On my curent team I lead with Heatran whenever I see Espeon and spam Lava Plume. It's weak enough to to not kill Espeon, thus stalling out screens and dangerous enough to deter most things from switching in with that 30% burn rate. For some reason nobody expects Roar on Heatran anymore (and me staying in...) and Gorebyss just Shell Smashes only to be phazed away :/.

If all else fails, just spam strong attacks? Something like Scarf Terrakion can outspeed most Pokemon even after +2 and can KO Espeon before it puts up screens.

Also, bringing Garchomp back with Rough Skin is like bringing back non-Speed Boost Blaziken. It's Smogon policy to not to apply complex bans if possible which is why so many people are itching to repel Aldaron's proposal. Besides, banning Sand Veil would make Cacturne (even more) useless D:

Edit: Just how many more replies did people post while I was typing? 0_o I'm slow...