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I'll try even though I'm innactive during weekdays...

Name: Makoto Hikari
Age/Grade/Rank: 16/Junior
Gender: Male
Looks: Long Blue hair tied into a ponytail. Wears a black leather jacket with a dark shirt and baggy dark blue denim pants. Wears chains from pocket to pocket.
Starter Pokmon: Tyrouge (Tiris)
Pokball: Great Ball
Personailty: Rude and Recless. But very kind at heart and follows along his younger cousin wherever she goes. Has a deep liking for girls.
Hometown: Ecruteak City
Family: Toshin Heihshiro (Cousin), Sakaki Hihshiro (Cousin)

Name: Sakaki Heihshiro
Age/Grade/Rank: 12/ Advanced Freshman
Gender: Female
Looks: Dark Hair and blue sweater with a bright red scarf and blue denim pants.
Starter Pokmon: Smoochum (Chas)
Pokball: Love Ball
Personailty: Kind, Sweet and Smart. Usually wanders around with Makoto keeping an eye at her.
Hometown: Ecruteak City
Family: Toshin Hehshiro (Older brother), Makoto Hikari (Cousin)

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