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Quote originally posted by Gothitelle.:

I dont complain about her endlesly. I just wish that she had fighting moves that's all. All I want is for it to be okay to think that Gothitelle is better and not have to copy Smoogens opinions.

The reason why I called Renuclus and Beheeyem perfect was because everyone always saus how they are god and that if I dont think they are better than I'm a fanboy with no taste.

You love her except you want her to have a different type, ability, moveset, and different stats. You've mentioned all of those in various threads, by the way. So basically you like her design :x Which isn't a bad thing necessarily, there are plenty of Pokemon that I love the design of but don't think are viable to use competitively. Then there are Pokemon that I hate the design of that I use because they are viable. It's fine to only like her design, you should just accept it, lol.

Quote originally posted by Gymnotide:
Who on Smogon has ever called Beheeyem even near viable?

I feel like Sky Drop should have been better (and not a TM) since it's Wargle's signature move... In real life too.

Soo... At least a stronger version of Sky Drop (preferably exclusive too...)

And a version of Sky Drop that's not glitched so it can actually be used online. :c


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