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The battle dates for each week are posted below each week. I understand that the first week starts on the forth of July I didn't realize this during planning. You may battle if you can find another participant, but if most people can't make it that day I will add that Saturday to the dates giving week one 6 days in stead of 5.

All battles done on a Friday the outcome needs to be turned in by that Saturday, they will be posted that Sunday. Please try to use the weekend to finish all training for the next generation, so we can have the best outcomes for the week.

Thank you all for participating, and any help you bring in.


@ K-Van
Akatuski is 100% correct on how the battles go. Please read that.

I want to apologize to everybody for not updating as frequently but I got to it. We need more people to join try to get them please and thank you.

You DON'T have to participate every week, but it would be really nice if everybody did their best.