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Originally Posted by Link_971 View Post
3D Textures moving function (alpha).
With this function, you can move every tree (for example) where you want on the Map.

Thanks to pichu2000 for his explanation.

After that, i hope we can keep only a polygon for superposing texture into a block (flower etc...).
In future, i think it will possible to create an moutain or any complex creation in the Map.

Yes, this is exactly what we need for a map editing tool. After all, like I said... it is based on 3D map editing. And that is also what is used in most 3D editing tools.

Firstly... there's width, secondly... there's height and thirdly... there's depth.

And that... explains the three dimentions.

X = width
Y = height
Z = depth

But with 2D on the GBA and earlier, you've only got width and height, right? xD

Great to see that we've finally been shown an image of a 3D editor. Now for the part of making one... I just wonder how to make a 3D editor that will edit the objects in the 4th and 5th generations? 'Cause to be honest... I have never made a tool that edits a ROM before (if only if I learned how to xD).

I'm looking forward to a new mapping interface, I'm so adapted to the DS editing that I have trouble editing the GBA now ('cause I'm not used to it xD).

The DS editing is much more advanced and more easier to locate the files to edit, so many tools that could be able to be selected with a main NDS editor. In a way... it's not that it's hard or anything, it's more of the case that it will take alot more time than the previous handhelds. After opening up the DS generation... I'm sure it will open up alot more ideas to many people to see ways of creating tools that will edit any kind of ROM.

The next thing on the list of creating a Pokémon DS map editor is...
Creating a 3D interface that will read the map data.
  • Creating a program to open up the ROM
  • Editing a single part of a map
  • Changing a movement permission
  • Planning a 3D interface
  • Creating a 3D interface that will read the map data
  • Creating a function that will move an object or model around on the 3D interface
  • Creating a function that will change the size of movement permissions and edit them
  • Create a function that will allow you to change the location of the map
  • Allowing sprites to be viewable on the interface
  • Having an object, model, texture and animation editor. (optional, but can be added later)
  • A weather editor
  • Having a list of normal objects and models to choose from that will show a 2D picture of the object or model read from an angle of the object or model that is read directly from the ROM, not from an actual picture.

Good luck on the map editor, Link_971. I'm so looking forward to seeing the next SVN with a 3D interface.
And here's a tutorial if you need help with anything for creating a 3D object or interface.
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