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The World Ends with You

Platform: Nintendo DS
Release: April 22, 2008 (North American release)
Genre: Action Role-Playing
Developers: Square Enix, Jupiter

The World Ends with You shouldn't be written off as "just another Japanese RPG". I personally had heard how great it was for months and months before I ever got my hands on it, and didn't really understand why my friends had been pretty much exalting this game. But once I got my hands on it, I understood that it's not like other DS games. It's not just a game; it's a cultural experience, from the style of the art to the music to the emphasis on youth culture in Japan.

The game is set in Shibuya, in a game for the newly dead to try to get their lives back. While the main character understands about as much as the player to begin with, he learns along with you. Every character has a very unique personality, so it's not hard to find one you can relate to. Even the ones you don't like are so well designed that it's hard to find fault with them.

The gameplay honestly is what makes me love this game so much. Almost all DS games use mostly the touchscreen or mostly the top screen, and pretty much ignore the other. TWEWY is nothing like that. During battles, you control two characters; one on the top screen and one on the bottom. The bottom screen is your character, Neku, who attacks with certain actions based on the pins you have. You could have to yell into the microphone, slash the enemy, or draw a circle around yourself, or something else entirely. Meanwhile, on the top screen is your partner, who you control either using the arrows or the ABXY buttons. Each partner has a distinct way of battling, and fights at the same time by combining those buttons. To succeed in a battle you have to control both yourself on the touchscreen and your partner on the top screen. There are very few games that give you that kind of integration, and although it takes a while to get used to, once you're comfortable it just makes the game that much more engaging.

Pretty much everyone can find something to love about this game, but the people that will get the most enjoyment from it will be people interested in Japanese youth culture, or those looking for a good story on the DS. The action-based fighting system takes the game away from most JRPGs with the turn-based system, adding to the fast-paced flow of the game, while the art style is distinctly Japanese and also distinctly urban.

...I'm bad at in conclusion, TWEWY is a great game and go play. :<

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