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I really like this screenshot. As previously stated, it's simple. But that's really the beauty of it. The lush trees really go with the calm lake. (I'm assuming it's a lake), and the palette just works. Though in the future... if you're showing your new overworld, make sure you aren't in shade so we get a better visual.

Screenshot One
Now this is a screenshot. Everything here works; you've got a good fog going, you've applied what I can assume is a green and or yellow tone, and the tiles are really nice.

Screenshot Two
Again, I really like this. Autumn is definitely one of my favorite seasons visually, and you pretty much nailed it. The big tree is really pretty, and the houses look pretty good. My only nit pick is with the rock/mountain tiles, you have some grey pixels on the outside of it (attempted shadow maybe?), I don't really think it looks all that fantastic, but it's not too distracting.
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