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◄◄◄ Game Information ►►►:
Check attachments!

ROM Base: Pokémon FireRed (U)
Creator: Flandre Scarlet
Language: English

◄◄◄ Storyline ►►►:

The Obion Region was formed by a volcano on a small island which erupted and had caused the island to expand. A group of people, called Force Oberynia, found the island and to also find out that Pokemon had already enhabited the island. They started to build, the first city named Ainaton City. A few kilometres away from the construction site, one man discovered a Pokemon which looked slightly unusual from the others. It wasn't very large. It was a small, blue, horse-like Pokemon. The man captured the Pokemon and showed the other members back at the construction site. They were amazed at what he had found.

100 years later...

You are a young child, the age of 12. You are a resident of the Obion Region. The members of the Force Oberynia have passed away, along with the horse-figure like Pokemon. Your mother and father have moved away to the Hoenn region for work, and you decide to stay with your Aunty and Uncle because you did not want to leave your friends.

Your uncle is a scientist. One day, he asks you to go to his lab because he had found out something really interesting. What he found out was that, the presence of the Force Oberynia members are still lurking around Ainaton City. He used his Munna to find this out. He says to you, there possibly could be an "afterlife". Is he telling the truth? Could there really be an afterlife? There's only one way to find out...

◄◄◄ Hack Features ►►►:

  • Variety of Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova.
  • A new region called Obion to explore.
  • New scenery and graphics.
  • A new evil team trying to accomplish something of great proportion.
  • Exciting events and challenges.
  • New music.
  • A heap more!

◄◄◄ Media ►►►:

◄◄◄ Credits ►►►:

  • Kyledove: Sprites, tiles and backgrounds.
  • Fangking Omega: Tiles and various things.
  • "Ash": For giving me some of his old Pokémon stuff and some ideas.
  • HackMew: FreeSpaceFinder, Advance Palette Editor and other tools.
  • MikeMatt15: His tutorial on editing the FireRed/LeafGreen Worldmap. (although the worldmap isn't inserted into my ROM yet.)
  • Zunex/Cloud/Cope: Tiles
  • Members of the Scarlet Productions hacking team.
  • If I'm forgetting someone, please VM or PM me! I don't like anyone to be left out.