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Skye wandered back from the meadow he had been in for the past hour or so. He was bruised and dirty but satisfied. His Pokemon were fully healed now and typically, Ellie was trying to escape his grasp and run into the battles that were happening all over the place.

"E-Ellie, yuh-you were j-just in a b-battle," Skye scolded. "Duh-hon't tell me y-you w-want an-another o-one."

"Yep!" Rama groaned.

"Feeling deprived here," he whined, looking slightly annoyed. "Volca and I have just had to watch you run around to get any entertainment."

Skye smiled placidly. "Then ih-it's yuh-your turn next." Rama smirked.
"All I want is to be friends."

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