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Originally Posted by jackblaze View Post
The Raichu had foiled Jack's efforts again but there was no way Jack was going to allow the mouse pokemon to take out two of his own. Jack realised that a crowd was forming and was hoping to finally take the upper hand in this match. The Raichu meanwhile had unleashed another grass knot attack.

"Rocky use Rock Polish" Jack shouted as the Onix's body began to glow white "Now dodge it and use Tackle" Onix was much quicker than before and was able to avoid the knot then charged towards the Raichu with his tackle attack.
"Raichu, dodge-"

Too late. The tackle attack had already hit.

Ok, how is my student doing so well against me?

Mr. Tiranti was getting a little nervous. A little more nervousness would have been present if Glen noticed a crowd surrounding the battlefield. Glen, however, was too focused on the battle to notice everything else going on.

Raichu had been knocked down by the tackle. This time, he was down for good. Yeah, I have a grass type, so now you are going down, thought the teacher.

"Let's go, Chlora!"

Chlora was a Tropius.

"Tropius, leaf storm!" said Mr. Tiranti.

Leaves flung out of Tropius' mouth at the Onix, who was knocked down.
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