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Selena rolled her eyes, but before she could answer she heard a snort of derision from atop her head. She looked upwards and caught sight of Blu's light blue body and cotton wings. 'Blu. Swablu.' stated Swablu simply, shaking his head. Selene's eyes widened at the disapproval clearly etched on Blu's face and burst out laughing, disrupting Blu and making him flap his wings to stay in the air. "Blu! Relax! lighten up sweetie!" she laughed breathlessly, wiping tears from her eyes.

Riolu's eyes narrowed and he smirked evilly, rolling over so Len was on the ground and leaping up onto his feet, running off behind a rock. He jumped up on the rock and waved his hands at Len, sticking his tongue out mockingly and laughing loudly. He leapt from the rock and used agility, darting from side to side around Poliwag, taunting him with his speed.
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