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Ok, yes, I know it's been done before and usually failed, but here's a new attempt!

Basically we're looking for development members and just regular members as we'd like to develop this game and our community. Just a few days ago we finally went "public" after about a year of touch and go work. Now we'd like to step it up a gear and get a bit more serious. Specifically, we are looking for programmers and 3D animators. We are using Esenthel engine (so that means C++) and a majority of us use blender. Anyone can contribute but we are also looking for core team developers.
In a developer we look for:
  • someone who has a relatively flexible work and time schedule (of course we understand people have lives, but someone who can check in maybe once a day would be ideal)
  • someone who has previous experience (though quality of work can override this)
  • someone mature (you don't have to be old, just don't act like a child)
  • fluent english speaker (perhaps it goes without saying, but our team communicates in english so it doesn't have to be perfect english, but please try)
  • reliable internet and hardware (probably the most important one. We don't want someone who's harddrive fails, or someone who can't meet deadlines because of their internet)

Of course, all of these aspects are not required but what we would ideally have in every team member. So, if you're interested:
Check out our indiedb page: /games/prism
There you can find our website and forum information.

Everyone is welcome, not just "contributing members" =]

I'd also like to note that myself and everyone currently on the team understand the risks of making a Pokemon MMO (including financial and legal). But we also understand that Nintendo has been rather foggy on this matter and has said before they generally are neutral towards fan games as long as the game doesn't claim affiliation, or sponsorship, doesn't make money, and doesn't use ripped graphics. If you have further insight that can be confirmed, we'd love to know, but please don't flame us for that, thank you.

The below is a summary taken from our indiedb, so please ignore if you already read it =]
"Prism takes place in Kanto. However, many years have passed, and a lot has changed since Red left Pallet. Since Red's departure, small towns became minature cities, the cities became commerce giants, and Pallet became a hub for new trainers. And that's where your story begins: Pallet Town. As a beginner trainer, whether you are an adult, a teen, or a mere child, you receive your first Pokemon from Professor Oak. Along with your starter Pokemon, you receive a Pokedex and a Pokelog to track your adventures, and various instructions from Oak and folks around town.

However, just as soon as you have gotten your bearings, you are pressed with the challenge of becoming Kanto's hero. You get wind that there is a secret organization planning something big. It seems that they have found legendary crystals each controlling pokemon that were once thought to be simply a myth. Of course, seeking to be a Pokemon Master, you know that these are unlike any other legendary pokemon seen before. This is a breed of pokemon that supersedes all others. Your goal as the hopeful hero of Kanto is to defeat this team and protect these pokemon all the while exploring your world and becoming a Pokemon Master."

* * * * *
So, what IS Pokemon Prism (or just Prism) actually?

Well, it's a fully 3D MMO of the original Red Blue (and their later descendant) games. It includes all 151 pokemon and their relatives. So, this means that not only can you catch a Magmar, but you can also breed a Magby and evolve a Magmortar. This is the same for all other pokemon from the original 151 that also have baby or evolution versions not included in the original 151 set. As such, all the 'current' locations and items in Kanto will be included so that the player will be able to evolve pokemon that require a certain area or hold item to evolve. Not only that, but diligent players will find that there are new pokemon to be discovered.

Along with of course "upgrading" to 3D there are a large number of new features planned. One of the main new features, is the battle system. No longer do you wander around in tall grass looking for wild pokemon. Instead, you can now see them walking around in your world, and you can choose to attack or run. If you encounter a wild pokemon, you won't be taken to a separate screen, instead you'll battle right in your world where other players can spectate. Perhaps even more exciting about the battle system, is that it will no longer be static turn based! Your pokemons' speed stat will actually count for more than turn order. Now, with a higher speed stat, the sooner your turn refreshes and you can attack again. Combat will still be turn based but now it's more dynamic to improve interactivity and speed of gameplay.

Another notable feature is the new trainer leveling system. Previously, only pokemon could level up and gain experience. Now, trainers will also be able to level up to have more control and options when building and training your party. A lower level player will be able to train pokemon to any level; however, they will be restricted to a certain set of TMs and HMs, whereas a higher level trainer will be able to train their pokemon with a variety of different and more powerful TMs, HMs and even special abilities. Special abilities would include having a follow pokemon, a mount pokemon, and other "unuseful" and fun features.

Key Features:
  • Fully free - no payment or donation is required to access any part of the game!
  • Fully 3D
  • New Kanto - The same places you know with a new twist
  • New and revamped battle system
  • New trainer leveling system
  • An organization filled with mystery
  • Secrets to uncover
  • New pokemon to discover
  • Full quest system
  • Multiplayer trades and battles
  • ...And Much More!

There is so much that is going to be new about Prism so please check out our site, and sign up for a free account on our forums. There you can track our progress, read more about our game, and get involved with the community. We will be holding community events so, even if you can't get involved with the game, get involved with us!
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