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I liked Gymnotide's post above, but then I read this:

Words are also very much open to the interpretation of the reader as well. Your definition may not be the exact same as mine. Words are almost like poems. The writer had his own view and each person who reads it has there own view. Of course on a much smaller level.
And immediately found myself agreeing to it. Words are words, the only meaning they have are the ones we attribute to them. So I dont think there's no need to get so gung-ho about "labels". Most of the above atheist vs. agnostic vs. gnostic vs. so on debate was, I believe, semantic indulgence.
Asked the Liberal: "What vanity prevents you from adopting Liberal values?"
I said: "What Liberal value isn't based on vanity?"

Asked the Conservative (Republican): “Why don’t you assimilate into our culture?”
I said: “Because your culture demands assimilation”.

Said the Democrat: “The majority must rule.”
I said: “But what will rule the majority?”

Said the Neo-Conservative: “I believe we are the superior Civilization”.
I said: “That's what makes you an inferior Civilization”.

Said the Pragmatist: "Always choose the lesser of two evils".
I said: "Then your choices will always be evil".