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Kerin quickly pulled Marisa back as the demon boy Ryuu swiped the capsule from her hand. He inspected her hand hastily. Thank god, the ass hole didn't hurt her. He took the capsule though. That wasn't any kind of thanks though. Kerin gave Ryuu a dirty look. Ugh, the blood was so strong. It was lucky that Marisa had given him the capsule now and not before otherwise Kerin would probably be licking it off the ground and Ryuu now.

"Ass hole, that's no way to thank someone. She's only trying to help," Kerin snapped at Ryuu. Sure, this probably wasn't a good idea but this guy... this guy pissed Kerin off so much. To just waltz around, saying he was the best even though he pretty much has his ass handed to him on a plate by Bernkastel. These were the kind of guys Kerin could not tolerate back in the human district, the ones that teased him and his family. He exhaled, trying to control his anger. Oh come on, one more threat would be okay. "Swallow it. I hope you choke on it."
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