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Quote originally posted by agentgeo:
The story's really good, but I can't really tell too much about the game based on the screens... Good luck!
Yeah, I wanted to get the hack out ASAP so I just only gave those 4 screenshots. Thank you.

Quote originally posted by Gannon5197:
I like it! If you need a spriter, im your man!
Thanks for the offer. I'll see.

Quote originally posted by Nintendork15:
Yay! Flandres back ;D
Nice story ... seems officail like in my eyes.
Anyway screens look good too
If your in need of a mapper or a overworld spriter you can ask me if ya want ;D
Yay I'm back! xD
Thanks for your offer and feedback.

Quote originally posted by Chimchar 9:
This looks really good! I love the title screen! <3
The storyline is really interesting. Also, I hope you change a few of the tiles.
Thank you.

Quote originally posted by iop50:
It looks like a really good hack, don't stop.
And also, it isn't in the attachments.
I'll try my best not to. Thanks.

Quote originally posted by demondismon:
wow seems like a really good hack...i love that its in english not spanish many spanish ones.. but i love the tiles and the title screen is awsome nice job!
IMO, there are quite a lot of nice hacks that are English too. But thanks.

Quote originally posted by Lugiaz Soul:
Try not to focus to much on the tiles and the titlescreen although the titlescreen does look like its been thrown together. I'd like to see more screenies of good scripts and maps because thats what makes all those good games so good.
Thank you for your honest opinion.

Quote originally posted by Meri-tje:
Wow this is the first time I'm actually here when someone starts out!
Good luck!
Looking forward to your first update!
Especially interested in which starters there will be
Hahaha, thank you.


Well I'm going on camp tomorrow for 3 days, so I had barely any time to do any scripting. Although, here's what I managed to do...

(I changed it to Munna since Musharna for some weird reason won't insert properly.)

Route 1:

I await your feedback when I return from camp! Thank you all who posted.

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