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Originally Posted by Darkerm View Post
I thought it was the end of Dark Cry.
Well forget that,
Mitchel1 is back with His hack.
I'll keep my eyes on this thread from now on.
No it won't be the end, we currently working on some new features and scripts.

Originally Posted by Wesley FG View Post
I always really liked this game has incredible graphics, scripts, and new systems that you are deploying leave the game more attractive and more interesting for the players, I see this as one of the best hack of the last year, I hope you continue working with this quality.

Hehe thanks Wesley, I didn't knew you though this was the best hack for the last year haven't you see your own hack? Its brilliant be proud on it =3

Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
This hack features really nice graphics; I really like the pallette change for the day/night system.
Originally Posted by Danu20 View Post
Wow this will be a great rom :D nice work mitchel1
Thanks ^^

...:Freak'n Update Time:...:
Anyhow you might thinking: Wth? this hack has been in devolpment for over 2 ****ing years!? when does he going to release it?! Well don't worry we are really near alpha 1.0, every time I wanted to release it I had some neat new features in my head that I wanted to inplant first :P There is only a short to do list left before the official release of alpha 1.0

DC now contains seasons and in-battle pallet change. I want to thank mindfreak for keeping me up-to-date of the many new fantastic features I missed. Many old scripts has been updated and alot...alot...of new scripts scripted.

Well lets go to the updates shall we? This time it includes only the season and the in-battle changes!

Mindfreak: His resource and routline for seasons/in-battle
Morris: Hammer/Pickaxe OW
prime-dialga: DNS tool


at the moment only winter:

In-battle changes! D/N pokémon change!

New mini-game working! (Fixed!)

Well thats all I wanted to release for today, I hope you liked it!