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I'm determined to get involved in at least on DCC xD

Originally Posted by Roswell View Post
Speaking of online reading, I really wish I could find EToP (Electric Tale of Pikachu), PiPiPi Adventures/Magical Pokemon Journey, and DP Adventures (not DPPt PokeSupe) on here ;; Those are hard to come by, and I was lucky that the library where my dad lives had a bunch of the Magical Pokemon Journey stuff.
You think that's hard to find, i've been looking everywhere for Pokemon Pocket Monsters manga. Apparently it was quite funny and un-pokemon like, which makes me want to read it even more ;-;

Originally Posted by Toujours View Post
But at first I was like "wait, I thought she was a girl? Is this a different Yellow?" lmao.
I was the same xD i didn't read the spoilers but come on, how can you not think this was a girl?


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