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Originally Posted by Eeveemaster9 View Post
Just would like to let everyone know I will not have full-time access to a computer like I normally did. My computer decided to crash on me, and the earliest I can get it running is this coming Thursday. However, I will try my best to find other ways to access a computer and post. I am truly sorry for this delay. If you do not hear from me in a week, please be patient and go on without me. If worse comes to worse(though I doubt) raitan will be in charge because he has a vague knowledge about what's going to be happening.
Originally Posted by The_Original_Raitan View Post
Uhhhhh.......Uh......ಠ_ಠ.....I'll try......OTL;; I need to work on my post now. My faraway cousins have been in town, so I've been hanging out with them at like parks and stuff. So I apologize for my lack of posting too.
i've just been at home. doing nothing. and working. d:

i have a mobile phone eeveemaster if that would help you at all? i get a shipload of money every month so texting is no hassle for me xp
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