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Originally Posted by Xehanorth View Post
The SU:
Name: Jameson Antonius Tung
Nickname: Jamesy
Occupation: Trainer
Hometown: Nimbassa City
Home Region: Unova
Age: 19
Appearance: Jameson wears a light grey formal jacket line with white and under that a striped grey and white singlet. Just a pair of normal dark blue jeans and black dressing shoes. He is rather scrawny, but his skin tone is medium. He blue glare makes most woman in love with him, though he always says the wrong things. He also has a five o'clock shadow all the time.
Formal / Modern / Flamboyant / Classy
-Height: 6"1
-Hair: Medium lenght, Black
-Eye color: Blue
-Skin tone: Medium
-Clothing Style: Formal, Mostly shirts with ties, but strange modern colors.
-Other: Rather scrawny guy. Though strong for his build.

Personality: Jameson is a rather peculiar fellow, there are times that he is nice and caring, but if he has a set back, he can be angry like never before. Though generally he hangs out with his friends and travel buddies and is in a happy mood. His caring nature makes him heal his pokemon after every battle.

History: Jameson Antonius Tung grew up in the town of Nimbassa. City of party, models and joy. The best thing of the whole city is the amusement park and he could be found there rather often. Growing up as the heir to a rich family he grew tired of all the etiquette lessons. He rebelled at the age of sixteen and left his home to travel the world like his father once did.

Jameson youth was boring, he had no friends, because he was home schooled by the best teacher in Unova and had to stay at his father mansion until he was eighteen. He would then start a economical career at the company of his father, though he didn't want that. His best friend in his youth was the butler Henry. They did everything together and had a ton of fun during the etiquette lessons. Though after Jamesy left he never saw Henry again. It has been three years now.

Pokémon Party:

1st – Braviary
Nickname: Brave
Type: Flying
Nature: Bashful
Moves: Fly, Wing attack, Steel wing, Peck
Other: -

2nd - Hariyama
Nickname: Hari
Type: Fighthing
Nature: Brave
Moves: Arm Thrust, Take down, Mega Punch, Ice punch
Other: -

3th - Umbreon
Nickname: -
Type: Dark
Nature: Lazy
Moves: Shadow ball, Night shade, Swift, Take down.
Other: -
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