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Honchkrow is subpar for the fourth generation imo, especially since it doesn't have the ability Moxie (which it gets in the fifth). I'd replace it for something else, though I'm not sure what since I'm totally not that familiar with the fourth gen metagame. I miiiight leave that for people who are more comfortable with it. :x

Breloom is awesome and Dual-Status is a great idea, but it's not something Breloom should be trying to pull off. Unlike most other Grass-types, Breloom has a decent dual-typing and has the ability to go really aggressive - it'd rather make the most of that rather than trying to go around and get status on everything. And when you pick between them, please be smart and pick Spore because the 75 acc on Stun Spore sucks and it simply doesn't completely stop the opposing Pokémon like Spore does.