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In season 1 the anime used to use Japanese, and 4Kids would edit it out and paint it over in English, either pretty well, or (actual paint editing) quality-wise pretty badly. For the "banned" beach episode 4Kids left in the Japanese but edited out the English words. I can't remember where, but the anime designers started to use random squiggles. Who knows, perhaps 4Kids requested it, but 4Kids would sometimes edit out this made up language and have nothing there at all. I remember in Yu-Gi-Oh they would just edit out the Japanese and leave city buildings and shops full of signs with nothing on. So, it's a theory that Pokemon now uses this made up language because 4Kids originally requested it and now just stick with it. The English you see in the programme is there in the Japanese version.

I don't know if it's just me, but I think the random squiggles resemble Japanese a little more in BW than they did in AG :S

Edit: Whoops, seem to have assumed the wrong question. Yes, it is a made up language.