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Originally Posted by ツールです View Post
I'm a beginning spriter,so I guess I can make some 50x50 badges for you

And you saying Sooyun-san's challenge worth a badge?
Yes they all are :D The one with the most badges is the champion of the thread I think I'm going to organize the challenges though into

Easy > Simple themes not many restrictions mostly for challenges that revolve around a certain color or types

Medium > Where there are more specific themes (like the Nintendo Challenge) that forces you to a smaller pool of pokes as well as have NFE and move restrictions

Hard > These would be similar to your Nuzelocke Challenges where there are a lot of restrictions and its harder to get to the goal

I was thinking maybe you get more or less badges depending on the category, so that someone who did a lot of monocolor challenges isn't at the same badge level is someone struggling in hard mode

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