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Alright guys, thanks everyone for signing up. A little reiteration of the rules and how this will go down:

When reporting battles, I've decided with a suggestion by Katastrophe to require you all to edit your sign up posts by including a "record" section. In this section, include the battles you've had with your opponent in a vs. style matchup. Make sure that these battles appear in ORDER. I will be watching to make sure you all report them in the order they happen, because it makes a difference.

To report your battles, make a list, such as this:
.Aero vs. Wolflare
.Aero vs. Vrai

Where the bolded name is the winner. I would have gained one point from winning against wolf, then lost a point for losing to Vrai, leaving me with 0 points. If I had reversed that order, I would have one point since I would lose to Vrai with 0 points, and I cannot go negative, then would have won against wolf providing me with 1 point. The order matters. So keep your records to keep the scoring clean and fair. I'm also considering extending the tournament to accommodate for our non-USA friends. The tour might continue onto the 5th. I'll see how the tournament goes. :] So keep an eye on this post for an announcement, since double posting is against the rules (unless I gain an exception from the mods). Anyway, if I see enough participation, it will be extended. I'm also considering a final mini-tour with the top 4 point gatherers, much like the tournaments wolf has run like this. If you're interested in this idea, let me know on PO. With that, let the tournament begin!

My Record
.Aero vs. yuki3056
.Aero vs. Spartan127
.Aero vs. Spinosaurus
.Aero vs. Dragon Ometeor
.Aero vs. Lalapizzame
.Aero vs. Vrai
.Aero vs. .MiKeY
.Aero vs. Spartan127
.Aero vs. Kevin Garret
.Aero vs. Spartan127
.Aero vs. Spartan127